Step 1 of Connecting to Your Purpose: Empty Yourself

I have a son who is in his early toddler stages. He’s learning how to do puzzles and we recently got him his first puzzle in which the 10 pieces, though they don’t connect to one another, each have their own place within a larger space.

One of the things I noticed is that if he started the puzzle with a piece in the wrong didn’t matter how hard he worked at that puzzle, he was never going to get it finished. And he would sit there for a minute trying to shove pieces where they didn’t belong.

It didn’t matter how hard he pushed, until he got that first piece right, he would always be left frustrated, always working in vain.

And that’s when it hit me. If we’re trying to create the life and leadership that we were called to; if we don’t have that first piece right, if we don’t have our foundation right, nothing we build will stand. It’s going to constantly be frustrated. We’re going to feel like our life is just one big square peg that we’re trying to force into a round hole. 

And that is where so many of us are today. Constantly frustrated. Feeling like our lives are off course, but we don’t know where it went wrong and we don’t know how to fix it.


Sometimes, we have to dump the pieces out and empty ourselves...

We have to let go of how we think things should be, to stop trying to pound pieces in, to be open to taking a few steps back and acknowledging that maybe the last 6 months, 2 years, 10 years I’ve been trying to fit my life around a choice I made or an idea I had that was flawed. Maybe I put the wrong piece in to begin with.

As you move through the rest of this week or month or year, live with an open mind. Live with a willingness to let go of how you think your life should or shouldn’t be. Be open to emptying yourself out, to starting over, to rethink what that first step is in creating your ideal life. 

This takes time, which is why most won't commit to returning to square one. It requires that you dig deep, and challenge some of your long-standing assumptions and beliefs.

Most people I know do not feel like they've been able to develop a strong connection to their purpose and, as a result, feel lost and like they're just drifting through life. The way they think about their purpose isn't working. And what got them to this point, right now, isn’t going to be what takes them where they need to be.

You need a new set of tools and a new mindset. We have to empty ourselves of the mental, emotional, and spiritual baggage that is holding us back.

I’m not trying to change who you are. I’m simply trying to remind you who you truly are. And for you to live from that place.

It begins by emptying yourself out so you can rebuild your life from the inside out.