Uncover and create the impact you were born to make

My coaching is for those who believe deep down there is something greater within them — a calling that is bigger than themselves — who want someone in their corner who won’t let them settle for good enough.


Number two coaching is all about you

This isn’t about me. It is all about you.

Your life. Your dreams. Your mission. Your unique impact.

Deep down, what do you really want to create? What are you being called into?



Finally, Someone who is always in your corner

Leadership, creativity, and innovation can feel lonely. You’ll often times stand alone and misunderstood in your dreams and visions. As a Number Two Coach, I am committed to always being in your corner, providing unconditional support and also high challenge to ensure you don’t come to the end of your life burdened with regret.



Stop settling for good enough

Your future is already being created by the choices and actions you make today. If you do nothing, what will your life look like in 10 years? Are you happy with your default future? Same job? Same relationships? Same everything?

You have another choice. And that is to live with greater intention. To choose not to settle for good enough and instead choose to pursue an extraordinary life. You can create your future.

Where are you settling? And do you have the courage to stop?