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 How do you make change happen?

It turns out, the cells that contain the genetic code to create a butterfly (called Imaginal cells) are present in the caterpillar all along...simply waiting until the right time to express themselves. Eventually the caterpillar, after a period of massive consumption, finds a perch, forms a chrysalis, and breaks down into goop. 

This is the moment, in the midst of chaos and disarray, when these previously dormant Imaginal cells come out of hiding to begin the process of transforming the caterpillar into a butterfly.

But it’s not so simple. These cells, currently operating as single-cell organisms, are recognized as foreign invaders by the caterpillar’s immune system and are immediately attacked. They are seen as disruptions to the status quo and are immediately targeted.

Yet they persist. They persist long enough to find other Imaginal cells like themselves and partner up. And those partner groups find other partner groups, and clusters begin to form. Then a tipping point is reached when these cells no longer operate as individual cells but as a multi-celled organism.

Then change happens, and a butterfly is born.

So how do you make change happen? Gradually, then suddenly, through a small number of committed, courageous, imaginative individuals [or steps] coming together in service to something larger than themselves.


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