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What does it mean to lead?

The biggest problem we are facing when it comes to developing powerful and transformational leaders is correctly defining what it means to be a leader. We mistakenly believe leadership is a position to obtain, rather than a choice to guide and care for the people around us.

Leadership isn't a profit-focused enterprise, but a human-centered calling.

In this 10-day devotional eBook, we reclaim what it truly means to be a leader.



How do I draw out the best in others?

Leaders often ask, "How do I get the best out of those I lead?"

If you want people to do what they are told, manage them. But if you want people to do more than they, or you, ever thought was possible, you have to lead them.

In this eBook, we unravel 11 of the most powerful disciplines of leaders who successfully draw out the best in others. When you transform how you lead, you transform who you lead.