“Try not to become a man of success, but rather, a man of value.”

Albert Einstein


About Will

I’m on a mission to shift the conversation around what it means to be successful in life and leadership, and to help people make small, yet transformational shifts that better positions them to create true impact and authentic success.

In short, I help people create success that matters.

  • In themselves

  • In their relationships

  • In their work

When it comes to creating success that matters, we often stand in our own way.

A limiting belief. Holding onto a lie that doesn’t serve. Failing to surround ourselves with people who encourage and challenge. Failing to slow down enough to realize the path we’re on isn’t the path leading to where we truly want to go.

This is a story I’m very familiar with — holding onto a lie that no longer serves.

For my entire life, I have believed the lie that “I don’t need help.” I believed that "if it’s meant to be, it’s [entirely] up to me.” I had to be in control. I wouldn’t allow myself to let go, surrender, or speak up if I didn’t already know what the outcome would be. This has created challenges and limitations in myself, my relationships, and even my work. It has kept me playing small, when deep down I know I’m being called to something greater.

Let’s be honest, though. This lie served me. That’s how most lies and limiting beliefs work. It’s why we hang onto them—because at one time, they helped us to survive and “succeed”. I am where I am today because I became a quick learner. I believe I can learn and become proficient in anything. My career in leadership consulting and coaching is the result of self-education. I can credit a lot of that to the lie of “I don’t need help” and my commitment to figuring things out on my own. This works well when my dreams are small enough to be handled independently. But what if I’m being called into something greater? That’s where I got stuck…and perhaps it’s where you’re stuck as well.

The lies we believe serve us in some way. That’s why we hold onto them. And at the same time, it’s our grip on those lies that hold us back from creating the success we truly desire, the success we’re being called to create.

What lies are you holding onto—that while they once served you—are now the very things holding you back?

I am gifted at helping incredible people—the high performers—slow down, assess what is truly important, and confront the lies that (though once serving them) hold them back so that they can start to create success that matters and live a life free of regret.

My clients look successful. They’re powerful and passionate leaders. But they don’t feel successful. They feel like they’re settling, that they’re not living into the life they’re being called. They have the heart to do what looks “impossible” to most, and they know that having a trusted individual walk alongside to encourage and challenge them is their secret weapon to staying aligned, focused, and confident in their calling.

My clients don’t need a coach. They want a coach.

If this sounds like you, let’s explore if working together would be a good fit.

“The enemy to doing something great is doing something good.”